Day 1- We say our first hellos.

Day 3- We sneak out to see each other.

Day 7- We can get enough of each other.

Day 10- Im worried we are falling to fast.

Day 14- I let it happen any way and I ask you to have a title with me.

Day 20- We fall madly for each other.

Day 25- We tell each other how we love everything about each other.

Day 30- We are so fucking happy.

Day 35- We say “i love you” for the first time.

Day 45- We are perfect.

Day 60- Nothing can stop us.

Day 85- You’re worried i smoke to much.

Day 90- We have sex for the first time.

Day 110- Im caught smoking.

Day 120- We have sex and you cry after saying you are afraid you’re going to loose me. But i just laugh shake my head and say ill always be here baby.

Day 135- I always tell you theres nothing to worry about it will all be alright baby.

Day 145- Rumors start.

Day 180- We start to fall apart.

Day 190- You dont trust me and for good reason.

Day 195- We start to distance ourselves.

Day 200- You say we have to stop talking.

Day 210- We say we hate what we have become but cant fix it.

Day 220- We try and fix the fucking mess that we are.

Day 223- We yell in each others faces.

Day 230- We cant talk with out fighting.

Day 240- 240 days after the first hello we didnt even say goodbye.

Its the story of us-EJ (via keyvibes)



The Cosmic Collider


I look forward to retrofitting high efficiency diesel hybrid engines in the future.

*eats you out as a friend*







Blows your back out as your homie

Gotchu walkin funny as a testament to our friendship.

makes you cum in the spirit of comradery

Got ur legs on my shoulders to show u how deep our friendship is

hits it from the back to let you know im here for you

Let’s you sit on my face cause I’m here to support you

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im so miserable but i laugh at everything







deadass choked on my water. aftertheparty

i deadass want him to chokeslam me


He ain’t gotta pull out tho



Daddy 😋

Fuck meeee

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my mom once told me that writing your feelings down or drawing them out is very therapeutic and relaxing 


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